Brazouka Stockholm are happy to present one of our favourite dancers all the way from Sao Paulo: Luiz Varjão! Luiz is back in Stockholm for the second time! Luiz Varjão is a musician and professional dancer specialized in Lambazouk. His current partnership is together with Barbara Micheletti also from Sao Paulo. He has traveled all over Brazil, US and Europe, teaching and performing together with some of the greatest names of Lambada. Member of Movimento Lambazouk São Paulo, of Ricardo Ferrari, member of Rafael Barros’, the eight-times Salsa On 1 World Champion, men’s style salsa team. Former member of Lamba Crew, Cia Okan, and Piano’s Bachata Teacher.

Between the 21st-26th of August Luiz will be offering:
♦ workshops
♦ intensive choreo/show course
♦ private classes
♦ beg. workshop
♦ Sat. party
♦ Sund. social

NOTE: Choreo/show course offered 21-23 of Aug – see separate event!

13.00-14.00 – Workshop 1 – Beginners/interm,
14.00-15.00 – Workshop 2 – Intermediate
15.00-16.00 – Workshop 3 – Intermediate

PARTY @ Stockholm Line dancers
21.00-01.30 – Workshop beginners
21.30-01.30 – ZOUK PARTY

25/8 - SUNDAY
13.00-14.00 – Workshop 4 – Intermediate/Advanced
14.00-15.00 – Workshop 5 – Intermediate/Advanced
15.00-16.00 – Workshop 6 – Intermediate/Advanced

(17.00-18.30 – Brazoukas start of regular courses - not included in Fullpass, but FREE TRIAL for beginners)
18.30-21.00 – Zuper Zouk practica – PREMIERE evening with Luiz!

!!!! CHOREO/SHOW COURSE offered between 21-23rd of Aug!!! More info in separate event.


Until 30th of July: 700 kr
After 30th of July: 800 kr
At door: 850 kr
Includes all workshops, Sat party and Sund practica

--Saturday OR Sunday PASS including Sat. party & Sund. practica--
Until 30th of July: 550 kr
After 30th of July: 600 kr
At door: 650 kr

1 single workshop: 250 kr
Saturday PARTY: 150 kr
Sunday PRACTICA: 80 kr (incl. for regular students)

10% discount on FULLPASS for students coming from other city than Stockholm
20% discount on FULLPASS for students coming outside Sweden
Group discounts can be offered. Contact us for more info.

BG: 543-3016
Swish: 123 555 73 68
Note that payment for the Early Bird prices has to be made before the advised date.

Lambazouk is a couple dance originated from Porto Seguro, Brazil and has its roots in the lambada although it has evolved to a smoother and softer dance. The basic step in Lambazouk involves hip movements and a sensual flow over the dance floor. Lambazouk is danced 'on one' (123 567 or quick-quick-slow) which creates a different structure for the dance where you can pick up the breaks without stopping the movement. Like the name already says, there is more influence from Lambada than in the other zouk styles. Lambazouk contains a lot of spinning and the movement in general is more circular. Bonecas and head movements are also important parts of Lambazouk, but still keeping the movements soft and sensual.

Brazouka Stockholm is the oldest dance school in Stockholm specialized in the Brazilian couple dance Zouk/Lambazouk. The school started offering regular classes back in 2008 and has since then been organizing various Zouk events, inviting well-renowned guest teachers from all over the world. Brazouka Stockholm is also the founder of the Zouk evenings in Vasaparken during summertime. Brazouka Stockholm is the first Swedish dance school represented on Brazilian Congresses, lately London Zoukfest 2018, 2019 and Brazilian Dance Holidays in Salou, Spain 2019!

♦ ADDRESS for workshops & Sunday practica ♦
Gabbes Salsaskola
Västmannagatan 46
Metro: Odenplan

♦ ADDRESS for Saturday party ♦
Stockholm Line dancers
Luntmakargatan 94-96
Metro: Rådmansgatan




First time this ZOUK TRIO is united in Stockholm!
Brazouka Stockholm together with Zouk Sweden are happy to announce that the trio RAMALHO'S will come to Stockholm! One day in Ramalho spirit we offer you 3 hours session of workshops to deepen your Zouk skills and we celebrate with a party in the evening! Book the 13th of April in your calendars!

Renato, Rachel and Rodrigo Ramalho are all siblings and dance teachers from Brazil. In 2008 they opened up the doors to their own Dance school In Rio de Janeiro, “Academia de dança Ramalho's”, where they teach varieties of dances such as Bolero, Samba, Soltinho, Forró, Zouk, Tango, Salsa, Bachata and Samba no pé.
They are also known for organizing the yearly Zouk congress in December inviting teachers and students all over the world. They are known for having a pedagogical and fun approach while teaching. It is difficult to not be affected by their true passion for the dance!

15.00-18.00 – Workshops – level interm./advanced
18.00-21.00 – Dinner out
21.00-01.30 – Party with party theme

***EARLY BIRD – payment until 29th of March
Workshops: 500 kr
FULLPASS incl. party: 600 kr

***LATE ALLIGATORS – after 31st of March
Workshops: 600 kr
FULLPASS incl. party: 800 kr

Party: 200 kr

10% discount for students for the FULLPASS from other cities.
The discount is not valid for only the party fee.

Swish 123 555 73 68
Bankgiro: 543-3016
Type your NAME and type of pass

♦ADDRESS for workshops and parties♦
Stockholm Line dancers
Luntmakargatan 94, Odenplan

Available BEFORE the workshops! LIMITED SPOTS
This is for you who want to take your dance to the next level! This class will focus only on YOU, what you need to work on in your dance. This is a great opportunity to work on the important details in the dance and get personal feedback. Book your private class by contacting



This is a short serial presenting the members and instructors of Brazouka Crew!
WHO ARE WE AND WHAT DO WE DO? Read and learn more about us in this feuilleton.

Brazouka Crew.png

First out is: JONAS OLLMAR.

Jonas is not only active behind the camera, shooting all the photos from our Sunday practicas but he is also one of the main instructors at Brazouka. For those of you who are not familiar with Jonas, he started dancing Zouk at Brazouka Dance school back in 2009. He began taking classes at Brazouka and continued developing his skills travelling around the world participating at different congresses; London, Prague, Barcelona, Brno etc.  He has also visited the city of Lambazouk in Brasil: Porto Seguro in 2013. Today, he is one of the instructors at Brazouka Dance School sharing his professional skills and passion for the dance. You will find him teaching Zouk on Sundays the intermediate/advanced course, starting the 23rd of April, at Västmannagatan 46 Studio Salsa.

BC: What caught your attention about the Zouk dance?
JONAS: The thing that got me interested from the beginning was the beautiful music and also that the dance is so different from other dances, with its soft movements and the possibility to improvisation and music adaptation.

BC: Do you have any favorite dance couple?
JONAS: I have several instructors and performers I like, and I appreciate them for different reasons. Also, they have often been important for me at specific times of my dancing development. Some are good at teaching to beginners, some give good energy and motivation, some are good at technique, some are good performers and have a nice chemistry, etc. But most importantly, they are simply friendly people!

BC: What would you want to share and communicate to your students?
JONAS: As a beginner student, don't forget that all of the more experienced and "advanced" dancers you see at the dance floor have been total beginners at one time. It might seem difficult or even impossible to achieve that level of dancing, but you have to take small steps towards your goal, and cherish all your smaller successes, and before you know it, you too will be a good dancer! But don't forget: you never stop learning!

BC: Finally…tell us something about you that we didn’t know!
JONAS: Well, many of you probably know I’m also dancing West Coast Swing and that I started my dancing career by learning salsa. However, before that I practiced martial arts for about 10 years which I had use of when I started dancing “social dances”, even though the leader and follower roles are a bit different...

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A video project with Ingrid Bergman

The dance has brought us together; the dancers Jonas and Joanna and the graphic designer Ingrid. We all seized the moment and decided to initiate a video project - a dance video, capturing as well the beautiful city of Stockholm in the background. The result was successful and we named it: "A dance meeting”.

More info about us and our dance classes:
Dancers: Joanna Kosinska and Jonas Ollmar
Producer: Ingrid Bergman
More info about Ingrid:
Music: Naldo Benny, K. Rose
Title: Faz sentir